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SolutionsBusinessBannerAlliance Security Niagara offers a full suite of interactive services tailored to support small and medium sized businesses, from single properties to multi-location enterprises. With professional-grade security, energy management and video monitoring solutions, you can keep your business secure, gain new awareness and instant visibility into key operational activities, and manage your energy costs.

Professional Grade Security

Engineered for reliability, our Interactive Security and patented Crash & Smash protection keeps your business protected from tampering, power outages, and service interruptions. You’ll be able to stay in control of your business’s security, and manage employee access, from anywhere.

  • Arm and Disarm the System Remotely
  • Manage employee User Codes across multiple locations
  • Easily remove User Code access for terminated employees
  • Set automated arming schedules
  • Manage multiple sites in one centralized dashboard

Business Insights

Alliance Security Niagara makes it easier to monitor activities at your business, whether it’s one location or multiple locations, even when you’re not there. With customizable alerts you can instantly see whether the business opened on time, know who disarmed the security system, and even get images sent to your phone if a secure area is accessed.

  • Check the system status remotely to know if it’s armed or disarmed
  • See who armed or disarmed the system
  • Get a No-show Alert if the business isn’t opened on time
  • Monitor daily or weekly opening/closing activity trends
  • Receive Image Alerts for specific activity with the Image Sensor

Energy Management & Automation

Alliance Security Niagara’s energy management and automation services for businesses help reduce energy waste automatically, and enhance liability control with lighting schedules and triggers. Connecting lights, locks and thermostats to the security system ensures that your business is comfortable when it’s open and safe when it’s closed.

  • Control your smart thermostats automatically and on-the-go, ensuring that your business is always the right temperature
  • Schedule lighting to keep your business safe and well lit, reducing liability risk
  • Get notified when the thermostat setting is changed or the refrigerator door is left open to manage temperature and reduce waste
  • Automatic thermostat setbacks to make sure you are not wasting energy when the store is closed
  • Increase your bottom line with daily energy monitoring – see where you’re using the most energy and find the opportunities for the biggest savings impact

Video Monitoring

See what’s happening at your business, from anywhere.

  • Cloud-based Hosting
  • Live & Recorded HD Video
  • Reliable & Secure

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